Friday, January 14, 2011

Marine GeoGarage URL generator

Some webmasters of marine websites asked us how to help them to automatically generate some Marine GeoGarage URL from a list of geographical positions (Lat/Lon).
see also : Sharing Marine GeoGarage places

So, this
link is a basic user interface allowing to get a direct access to a geographical position in the Marine GeoGarage.
Notes :

  • Latitude/Longitude (WGS84) : in decimal degrees (DD.DDDDD)
e.g. : 37.91 / -122.35 with plus (+) for North/East & minus (-) for South/West

Note : Got coordinates in degree-minute-second degrees and need them in decimal format fast ?
So calculate DD.DDDDD = DD+MM/60+SS.SSS/3600 or DD+MM.MMM/60
or go to
Zonums for example

  • Chart layer codes :
  1. USA (NOAA) : noa
  2. Bahamas (WaveyLine) : wl
  3. New Zealand (Linz) : nz
  4. Brazil (DHN) : dhn
  5. Argentina (SHN) : shn
  6. UK & misc. (Brit. Adm.) : uk
  7. Canada (CHS) : chs
  8. Australia (AHS) : ahs
  9. ...
  • Zoom : maps on Google Maps have an integer "zoom level" which defines the resolution of the current view. Zoom levels between 0 (the lowest zoom level, in which the entire world can be seen on one map) to 21+ (down to individual buildings) are possible within the default roadmap maps view. Google Maps sets zoom level 0 to encompass the entire earth. Each succeeding zoom level doubles the precision in both horizontal and vertical dimensions. Note: not all zoom levels appear at all locations on the earth. Zoom levels vary depending on location, as data in some parts of the globe is more granular than in other locations.

In the case of multiple geographical positions, it's possible to use in a Unix terminal window the following command-line tool. So passing parameters for lat, lon and code :

curl -d lat=37.91 -d lon=-122.35 -d z=15 -d code=noa

you get the following Marine GeoGarage URL for the corresponding Lat/Lon geographical position (
e.g. : 37.91N/122.35W) :

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