Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Primar reaches milestone proposing more than 20,000 vector nautical charts in the ENC world catalogue

Worldwide coverage
20,034 ENC from scale 1:500 to 1:20,000,000 
download the weekly updated kmz file from the GeoGarage platform
for visualizing worldwide ENCs of the Primar catalogue with the Google Earth application
NO6H0921 Oslo (scale 1:3,500)
last brand new ENC produced (28/11/2023 edition : 1)

Today marks a significant milestone as Primar released the twenty thousandth ENC cell.
The PRIMAR database now proudly houses 20,034 ENC cells
note : 633 cells have been replaced and/or withdrawn since 2004-02-22
IHO membership :
in green IHO member states / in yellow Non member coastal state
79 international IHO Hydrographic Offices in the Primar catalogue 
but a couple of Hydrographic Offices (available in the AVCS Admiralty catalogue) are missing :
  • LK - Sri Lanka : 7 ENCs
  • MM - Myanmar : 4 ENCs
  • TH - Thailand : 40 ENCs
For info, it's worth noting that some countries don't deliver the same data to Primar and UKHO 
Ex.: (Primar vs AVCS UKHO)
- Indonesia ID (539 vs 581 cells including 56 less / 14 more) ...
- China CN/C1 (504 CN vs 41 CN cells but 0 C1 vs 499 C1 cells)
- Vietnam VN/V1/V2 (72 V1 vs 4 V1 cells / 13 VN vs 0 VN cells / 0 V2 vs 44 V2 cells)
By the way, some GB ENCs (97 cells) created with mixed copyrights between UKHO, and other international Hydrographic offices or organisms are not available in the Primar catalogue.
Actually, UKHO receives ENCs from IC-ENC and PRIMAR RENCs but also directly from national hydrographic offices who do not want to distribute their ENCs via a RENC (Primar or IC-ENC), and provides ENC services for the end user.

From 2020 to 2023 : more than 3,000 new ENC (17,000 to 20,000)
Note : the GeoGarage platform is an official Primar ENC distributor especially for onshore applications (so not for SOLAS navigation) used in a local network solution for some limited number of concurrent users in a closed environment.

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