Monday, August 9, 2021

ENC worldwide catalogue & distributors

ENCs Primar catalogue with Google Earth
(download weekly updated kmz)

Last week, Primar (Regional ENC Coordinating Center -RENC- managed by NHS Norway) has published more than 18,000 ENCs in its catalogue (18,003 ENCs).
In this list, 17,493 ENCs are active (510 ENCs withdrawn for use -edition 0- replaced or not by new references) and includes ENCs from IC-ENC the other European RENC.
IC-ENC managed by UKHO provides 9,591 worldwide ENCs today.

AVCS the other commercial service from Admiralty/UKHO proposes 17,740 ENCs in its catalogue (including ENCs from Non RENC such as C China, LK Sri Lanka, MM Myanmar, TH Thailand and VN Vietnam North not in the Primar catalogue)
Note : some ENCs in the AVCS portfolio are dual-badge ENCs so restricted by UKHO to the AVCS catalogue, and not available for Primar : ID Indonesia, CA Canada & GB for example) 
790 ENCs (kmz) are only available with AVCS (x494 C, x118 GB, x58 ID, x4 LK, x4 MM, x36 TH, x77 V)
543 ENCs (kmz) are only available with Primar (x1 1U, x486 CN, x1 EA, x15 ID, x26 IN, x1 RU, x13 VN)
Note : some charts originally from C and CN have the same geographical coverage but different categories and edition date
ex : CN502301 & C1616162  / CN502201 & C1616164
Note : the IHO catalogue displays a total of 18,218 ENCs whose x16 ENCs from CA not available at AVCS or Primar
Note : by the way, AVCS or Primar for some CA charts propose folios numbers references for some individual CHS ENC references :  for example, id CA3892 contains 3 ENCs: CA471012, CA571010, CA571011
By the way, x80 ENC (1U Taiwan) at AVCS and x1 ENC (also 1U) at Primar are not listed in the IHO catalogue.

Finally, not so easy for any ENC user to find the right cells...

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