Sunday, June 30, 2013

Man at sea

An ode to the sea and one man’s life long passion for sailing on it.
“The boat suddenly becomes weightless and you’re surfing.
You almost become mesmerised as you catch the next wave and the wave after” – Iain Percy
video source : Alfred Dunhill

Ian Percy took home gold medals from the Sydney Olympics of 2000 and the Beijing Olympics of 2008, and last year he won a silver at the London Olympics with Andrew Simpson.
This summer,  Iain Percy expects to play a starring role in the America's Cup with Artemis team.
In Man at Sea he shares top billing with an elegant wooden yacht called Strega, the New Forest and the deep blue waters of the English Channel; he's sailing on his local waves off Lymington, Hampshire, on England's south coast.
The beautifully, and lavishly, shot movie is inspiring to watch, and Ian Percy's explanation of the challenges that face a yachtsman every time he sets sail will make a deep impression on even the most lily-livered landlubber.

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