Saturday, May 7, 2011

Mara Kerr inspire ocean awareness with new book

In her new novel, "Oceanus," author Mara Kerr tells a story about love, life, and water with the hope that it will inspire readers' ocean awareness.

From Oceanusthebook

It begins with David’s remarkable journey and his unique love affair with a mermaid named Coral.
Together, they decide to raise Coral’s mermaid daughter, named Jasmine.
David must teach Jasmine all about the current state of our oceans and the precious marine life living in it.
David understands that without the improved health of the oceans, both Jasmine and Coral’s chances for survival are not good.

David and his friends—Noah, Joshua, and Pete—introduce Jasmine to many fascinating marine creatures and teach her ocean awareness by traveling from California to Hawaii and to Bora Bora.

On the way to Bora Bora, David and his sailing friends run into a life-threatening storm; making matters worse are the dangerous pirates that attempt to steal their boat.
Coral and Jasmine face their own troubles during a scary kidnapping that endangers all the mermaids’ lives.

The time is now for saving our oceans.
It is true that ocean awareness can be generated through the heart.
Real inspiration has the power to change.
Our planet is suffering, and our oceans are being savaged.
Oceanus shows us the magnificent healing power of love.

“Did you know that the plankton in the ocean produce 50% of the world’s oxygen?”
And, did you know the plankton absorb over 20% of the carbon emissions being released into the atmosphere?
Learn more about amazing plankton by reading “
The time is now to fall in love with the ocean, again & again & again…
When not busy writing,
Mara Kerr likes to produce movies as she did with "In the Wake of Giants," a humpback whale documentary awarded Best National Marine Sanctuary Short Film at the BLUE Ocean film festival.
Save our oceans with power of love…

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