Friday, May 6, 2011

Australia releases draft marine parks plan

A draft plan for marine parks off the coast of Western Australian has received a mixed response in the south west of the state
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From The West Australian

A proposed network of marine reserves covering 538,000 square kilometres of the Australia's south-west has been released by the Federal Government.

draft plan, unveiled by Environment Minister Tony Burke in Fremantle this morning, covers breeding and feeding grounds for sea lions, southern right whales and blue whales.

It also includes the
Perth Canyon, a deep sea canyon similar in size to the Grand Canyon that is popular with recreational fishers.

The proposed marine reserves only affect Commonwealth waters, which start 5.5km off the coast.

Mr Burke said there was a unique opportunity for the Government and community to protect the region's marine environment for future generations.

"Almost 90 per cent of the marine species in parts of the south-west are not found anywhere else in the world and a third of the world's whale and dolphin species are found in this region," he said.

"But the fact is that our marine environment is under long-term pressure from climate change and increasing industry activity."

Mr Burke said the Government had worked with the fishing industry, recreational fishing groups, environment groups and other users to develop the plan.

The draft plan will be subject to a three month public comment period before it is finalized.

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