Sunday, January 27, 2019

2018: full, one year time lapse of surface winds over the North Atlantic

This animation shows a full, one year time lapse animation of surface winds from Jan 1, 2018 until Jan 1, 2019, over the North Atlantic.
The data come from the National Weather Service's GFS numerical weather model (
Blue colors represent slower winds.
Greens and yellows are faster winds.
Streamlines show the direction of the wind in each frame of the animation.
This is one of the first 4K time lapse animations generated from
The animation took 48 hours to render as 3,000 individual frames encoded to video.
Notice how a few hurricanes appear in July but then August is quiet, only for things to really pick up in September.
Also notice how fall and winter bring massive storm systems to the upper North Atlantic (Greenland, Iceland, Ireland, the UK, Norway).

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