Saturday, September 5, 2015

The Coral Sea particularly sensitive sea area

The Coral Sea is considered one of the most distinctive and undisturbed natural systems in the world.
It is home to the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park which was made a Particularly Sensitive Sea Area (PSSA) for shipping by the International Maritime Organization in 1990.
In order to protect this vulnerable region the Australian Maritime Safety Authority has taken a proposal to the International Maritime Organization to extend the existing PSSA into the Coral Sea.
The new area will cover approximately 564,000 square kilometers of the Coral Sea and includes a number of shipping hazards not covered by the current arrangements.
The extension provides a means of protecting the unique physical, ecological and heritage values of the Coral Sea while having a minimal impact on international shipping.

The Great Barrier Reef and Torres Strait Vessel Traffic Service (REEFVTS) is a joint operation between AMSA and Maritime Safety Queensland.
The system monitors and manages the thousands of ships travelling through the area each year.
The system is designed to prevent vessels running aground and damaging the world heritage area. 

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