Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Britain's Royal Navy in the First World War - animated

From TheGuardian

Imagine the data you'd get from recording the original Captain's logs from every Royal Naval vessel from the First World War: location, temperature and time providing a unique record of climate change.

The excellent Old Weather has been crowdsourcing every one of those log books - and the result, is a fascinating insight into the British Empire at war - albeit of the records which have survived.
Old Weather has moved onto US ships in the Arctic now - see how they're doing here

By adding the subtitles, the temporal map of naval history really puts a lot of the spikes and bursts of activity in perspective.
The labels are not currently something built into the library, but we will work on it in the coming weeks.
We couldn’t even fit all the neat things we saw, passing through the Panama Canal, explorations up rivers in China, trips across the Pacific.
What other neat things do you see in this incredibly cool history

Note : Paul Saxman and Brendan Kenny on the Google Dev Rel team created a heat map visualization of historical ship tracks from 1750-1850 using the Google Maps Api and the same data from the CLIWOC (Climatological Database for the World's Oceans)

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