Sunday, July 18, 2021

Interactive visualization of GEBCO 2021 grid released

Building on Colin Ware's work developing BathyGlobe, Paul Johnson of the University of New Hampshire has created an interactive globe of the GEBCO 2021 grid which is publicly available to use as a scientific tool or educational aid.
The web app allows users to quickly zoom in on any location, make perspective plots, change basemaps, and turn on and off a layer showing the direct measurements.
The layers are tile services to speed up transfer and are overlaid on a GEBCO 2021 elevation layer with a 7x vertical exaggeration.
If you wish to make perspective plots you will need to use the 3rd button on your mouse or else click on the 4th icon down on the left to put the viewer in "Navigate" mode.
Once it is in that mode you will be able pan/zoom/tilt the globe to your liking.
Seabed 2030 Project Director, Jamie McMichael-Phillips, says', 'this web app is a fantastic contribution to GEBCO from UNH, and with the potential for increased functionality in the future, it will be an important tool for scientists and non-experts alike as the GEBCO grid grows.
The power of visualization helps us to understand how far we have already got and how much further we have to go.'

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