Saturday, June 27, 2020


Below the surface of the oceans, a sheer diversity of creatures dwell in harmony - mantas fly, sharks flash by, fish twirl around vibrant reefs.
It’s a dance that they have been dancing for millions of years.
A cosmic symphony.
A story of coexistence.
We must learn from it and come together to protect the future of our blue planet.

It all started in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, on the island of Moorea.
Here, coral reefs shape our lives below and above the surface of the ocean.
We owe them everything: from every single wave we surf to every bite of food we eat and every breath of air we take.
Today, we are on the edge of losing an entire ecosystem.
Coral reefs, as bountiful and beautiful as we have once known them, are going extinct.
But every edge leads to a new beginning.
Join us to save them and spread the word about this crisis that affects all of us.
Three years ago, we created our own movement, today we start changing history.
Although it may appear a big endeavor, it can all start by fixing one broken coral.
Adopt corals on our website

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