Saturday, October 26, 2019

Nazaré wave in numbers

Of all the spots that exist on Earth, Nazaré is one of the most intriguing, raising a whole bunch of questions over the years.
How did this small fishing town turn into the European capital of wholesale surfing?
Through what mechanisms does the swell that strikes Praia do Norte create water monsters?
What is the impact of the wave once the lip crashes?
What speed does the wave reach when it breaks?
To see a little more clearly, the Brazilian production company "Canvas 24p", which also produced "Maya Gabeira, Return to Nazaré", deciphered the Nazaré wave with figures.
The impact of the lip represents 5 to 10 tons.
The breaking speed, more than 50km/h.
The height of the wave, the equivalent of a building of 8 to 10 floors.

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