Saturday, September 14, 2019

We want to live underwater (but how??)

During 4 months, we are settling down in Moorea, French Polynesia, for an expedition of unprecedented scale for Under The Pole.
In this first episode, we are presenting to you the Capsule, an underwater observatory that we have invented to allow the divers to live under the ocean for several days! 

Plongee-infos : "Précontinent operation" (1962-1965)
Launched in the 1960s, the Precontinent project aimed to colonize the underwater continental shelf, which represents 5% of the world's surface, more than Asia.
But life inside this "sunless world" has turned out to be much less easy than expected.

SEALAB I, II, and III were experimental underwater habitats developed by the United States Navy in the 1960s to prove the viability of saturation diving and humans living in isolation for extended periods of time.
The knowledge gained from the SeaLab expeditions helped advance the science of deep sea diving and rescue, and contributed to the understanding of the psychological and physiological strains humans can endure.

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