Sunday, February 14, 2016

Big surf in Nazare : a closer look

A giant swell hits the Portuguese coast, causing indescribable waves due to their strength and size!
Surfers as Garrett McNamara, Andrew Cotton, Hugo Vau, Eric Rebiere, Carlos Burle, Maya Gabeira, Pedro Scooby, Felipe Cesarano, Nitzan Benhaim, Sylvio Mancusi went into the sea of Nazareth willing to write a new chapter in the history of surfing.

From the near drowning of Maya up to the largest possible wave surfed records favored by all surfers who risked surfing a wave on this day!
Nazareth once again shows the world its size and power ...
A Closer Look is an introspetiva and clear vision, which seeks to show in a neat way the waves of Nazaré and their sound...

Nazaré is the world’s stage for the biggest waves ever ridden, most of the memorable rides so far were all during big days with favourable or at least sufficient conditions for surfers and safety teams to ride and operate... when conditions go beyond that point, we call it Black Naza.
During the session of February 9th, 2016, things were far from ideal in Praia do Norte, big storm, the swell was big with high period, but the wind was too strong and onshore, most of the waves were too bumpy, the big ones were closing out, the inside looked like nothing less than a war zone.
Despite those conditions, Australian hardcore surfers Mick Corbett and Jarryd Foster decided to have a go anyway and test the waters, this guys have made a name charging “The Right” in Western Australia, one of the most dangerous slabs on the Planet, and it’s such a thrill to watch them here testing the limits even in days like this, literally on an unridable naza. 

 From IHPT, Instituto Hidrografico de la Marinha de Portugal :
a scientific perspective of the Nazaré wave

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