Saturday, October 4, 2014

Nat Young's mesmerizing Tahitian wave

From HuffingtonPost

There are times when nature's elements align perfectly to give us a glimpse of what heaven might look like.
When such moments arrive for pro surfer Nat Young, we all win.
This year, the California-born surfer literally rode off into the sunset while surfing the Tahitian surf break known as Teahupoo.
The results, as seen in this video, are nothing short of mind-blowing perfection as Young glides effortlessly through the golden-hued barrel -- which actually forms twice! -- toward the island's rolling green mountains and cotton candy clouds, all while the glowing sun sinks into the horizon.
In fact, Young's ride was so perfect, he won $10,000 just for catching it on camera and submitting it to the Association of Surfing Professional's GoPro challenge.
But don't let the wave's idyllic nature fool you.
Teahupoo, which translates to "broken skulls," has an extremely shallow and jagged reef and a powerfully steep wave-shape. It's an extremely dangerous wave, saved for the bravest of souls.
Hats off to you, Young, for this deliciously daring wave.

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