Tuesday, September 30, 2014

GeoGarage B2B platform proposes ENC nautical charts viewing

Cowes (Island of Wight), UKHO ENC overlayed on Google Maps imagery

Cowes (Island of Wight), UKHO RNC (raster chart) overlayed on Google Maps imagery

The GeoGarage platform serves right now images of vector ENC Electronic navigational charts as a complementary offer to the different raster nautical charts (RNC) layers for its B2B customers.

This implementation of ENCs (worldwide catalogue of 12 618 charts at this date) allows to complete the catalog of available nautical charts (more than 9 000 raster charts) proposed by the Marine GeoGarage platform, for regions where the GeoGarage can't propose -for the moment- raster data (pending licenses with some international Hydrographic Offices).

It can be used in combination with or as a backdrop to other geo-spatial data layers (e.g. Vessel Traffic monitoring, weather) in third-parties web or mobile B2B applications.

Note : these ENC charts can't be used for B2B integrators who plan to use them in public applications (due to restrictions on s-63 data use)

 Hamburg harbour, BSH ENC overlayed on Google Maps imagery

GeoGarage supports a wide variety of ENC data products :

  • s-57 data from international Hydrographic Offices with which Marine GeoGarage got some partnerships
  • s-63 encrypted data (signed specifically for the GeoGarage customer in the Primar / IC-ENC catalogues)

 Countries authorizing ENC publishing for webmapping onshore apps
(not for SOLAS navigation)

 La Garonne river (at Langon), VNF IENC overlayed on Google Maps

Technically,  the GeoGarage platform is developed in accordance with OGC requirements, making it the simple tool for the integration of nautical charts layer in third-parties B2B applications.

 USACE IENC (US) overlayed on Bing Maps with ArcGIS JS viewer

The GeoGarage utilizes a Web Map Service for displaying available ENC in WMS clients such as the Javascript viewers (OpenLayers, Leflet, ArcGIS, or customized Google Maps)

 San Francisco, NOAA ENC overlayed on Google Maps imagery

The display of the vectorial ENC vector data can be configured according the specifications and the business needs of the B2B final integrator :
  • the raster display supporting all the IHO s-52 (ECDIS) symbolization chart settings
  • extended chart object filtering possibility
  • optimizing delivery of chart across the Internet through image tile cache, for quick display of selected areas
 Singapore ENC overlayed on Google Maps imagery

Don't hesitate to contact the GeoGarage team to get some more information about Terms of Use and pricing.

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