Friday, April 2, 2010

Hydrogen-powered yacht to study Mediterranean pollution

The world’s first hydrogen-powered yacht will be used to study pollution in the Mediterranean.

The Zero Co2 project uses a clean carbon-free auxiliary motor. The 12-meter craft built is equipped with an electric motor driven by a hydrogen fuel cell. It is also equipped with renewable energy power sources (solar, wind, and hydro) to generate power for onboard requirements.

The yacht will travel around the Mediterranean coast as far as Turkey on a journey that will commence in March, 2010.
The journey will also serve as a venue for the carrying out of research into the possibility of producing “green hydrogen” through the installation of solar panels and wind turbines on the roofs of port-side buildings.

A scientific platform will be used to collect scientific data on man-made pollution throughout the length of what is estimated to be a 10-month trip.
The onboard laboratory will analyze air, sea, and port sediments to evaluate the pollution from the sea and coastline.

The key aim of the project is to develop and promote new energy sources to replace fossil fuels and to lead to a reduction in carbon emissions and the mitigation of the greenhouse effects.

The Zero CO2 journey should open up amateur and professional sailors to new ways of enjoying the sea, using cutting-edge technologies that are both more respectful of the environment and more economic in terms of energy consumption.

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