Saturday, September 17, 2022

Hunter or prey - Freediving Azores with hammerhead sharks, mobulas, baitballs, bluesharks

This is an homage to immersive freediving, filmed during 4 days on the ocean of Faial in The Azores, Portugal.
A very special place for us as it is not easy to make it your own.
It takes time and experience to be able to find the right place at the right time to witness such diversity.
We are grateful to be allowed to follow Fred Buyle, one of the world most experienced freedivers into his backyard.
We discovered once more that freediving in the open ocean with Blue Sharks, Mobula Rays and Hammerhead Sharks requires a good sense for your own body, as well as a lot of knowledge about the animals.
Around bait balls the behaviour of the Sharks is much more direct as they interpret your presence as a competition for food.
You can feel like the hunter and the prey from one moment to the other.
A humbling experience which we are happy to share in the form of this video.

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