Saturday, June 4, 2022

This Open Ocean robot is designed to stop the maritime mafia

It does not matter where it happens - very close to the coast or in the most remote areas of the planet. Illegal, unreported, and unregulated fishing is one of the main drivers of the deterioration of the world's oceans condition.
At the same time, this issue often remains out of sight, against the backdrop of problems with pollution. Given that this is a black market controlled by the maritime mafia, it is difficult to estimate its volume. Experts voice the annual volume of 11 or even 26 million tons.
This is at least 14 percent of the total legal catch in the world. And perhaps the crime syndicates are responsible for the catch of every third fish in the world's oceans. 
n money, this market is estimated at 20-30 billion dollars.
Why is this scary?
Poachers completely ignore the established norms for catching fish.
It gets smaller, becomes petty, its qualities deteriorate, and then it dies out.
But that is not all. Crime maritime syndicates use inhumane methods of catching fish.
For instance, trawling, which destroys the natural ecosystem.
They also use modern, high-tech ships that allow them to identify large schools of fish and catch them completely.
If everything is left as it is, then the ocean ecosystem will be destroyed irreversibly. And it is impossible to imagine all the consequences for the world.
Therefore, the problem needs to be addressed now.

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