Saturday, April 6, 2019

Sound of sea

from Guillaume Néry tweet
An emergency cry :
"The strange sound I sent yesterday is actually an SOS sent by the sea. Don't be deaf for his distress calls!" he tweeted sharing a new video with the first chilling images.
At the sound of the sound, the Sea Shepherd activists imagined who – with the French diver's compassion – imagined how the ocean's creeps in distress would look like.
To do this, the environmental organization that combats the protection of marine ecosystems has compiled 30 different animal sounds in grief.
"We then built a lighthouse to send this sound under the water " explains the video, which states that the lighthouse was placed near the French coast " so that the sound is finally heard by the man ".
" It is time to listen to the need of the sea "concludes the non-governmental organization that fears that the fish will disappear in 2048, if nothing is done.

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