Sunday, August 9, 2015

Yvan Bourgnon completes remarkable round-the-world challenge alone on a beach catamaran

He started his grueling journey in October 2013, he capsized in the Atlantic, crashed his boat on rocks in Sri Lanka and experienced a terrifying near-miss with a cargo ship, but Yvan Bourgnon finally completed his round-the-world solo effort.

Making his journey even more impressive is the fact that the Swiss sailor circumnavigated the globe in a tiny 6.2 metre, cabin-less beach catamaran that had no GPS and computer-aided navigation.

Using the stars, a sextant and maps the adventurer took 20 months to complete his 50 000 kilometre challenge which included multiple stop overs for rest and repairs.

Two days after his arrival, his brother Laurent Bourgnon has been lost in a diving accident in French Polynesia.
He was reported missing on the 25th June and despite a comprehensive search no trace has been found.
Laurent was best known for his victories in the 1994 and 1998 in the solo Route du Rhum onboard the ORMA trimaran Primagaz.

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