Monday, January 26, 2015

US NOAA update in the Marine GeoGarage

As our public viewer is not yet available
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as Google Maps API v2 is officially no more supported),
this info is primarily intended to our universal mobile application users
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 NOAA raster chart coverage

41 charts have been updated in the Marine GeoGarage
(NOAA update January 2015, released January 20th 2015)

  • 11402 ed23 Intracoastal Waterway Apalachicola Bay to Lake Wimico
  • 11489 ed40 Intracoastal Waterway St. Simons Sound to Tolmato River
  • 11490 ed21 Approaches to St. Johns River;St. Johns River Entrance
  • 11491 ed39 St. Johns River-Atlantic Ocean to Jacksonville
  • 11536 ed20 Approaches to Cape Fear River
  • 12286 ed32 Potomac River Piney Point to Lower Cedar Point
  • 13278 ed29 Portsmouth to Cape Ann; Hampton Harbor
  • 13303 ed14 Approaches to Penobscot Bay
  • 13323 ed9 Bar Harbor Mount Desert Island
  • 14810 ed6 Olcott Harbor to Toronto (Metric);Olcott and Wilson Harbors
  • 14965 ed23 Redridge to Saxon Harbor;Ontonagon harbor;Black River Harbor;Saxon Harbor
  • 16041 ed9 Demarcation Bay and approaches
  • 16042 ed8 Griffin Pt. and approaches
  • 16043 ed8 Barter Island and approaches;Bernard Harbor
  • 16044 ed8 Camden Bay and Approaches
  • 16045 ed8 Bullen Pt. to Brownlow Pt.
  • 16046 ed8 McClure and Stockton Islands and vicinity
  • 16061 ed9 Prudhoe Bay and vicinity
  • 16062 ed8 Jones Islands and approaches
  • 16063 ed8 Harrison Bay-eastern part
  • 16064 ed7 Harrison Bay-western part
  • 16065 ed7 Cape Halkett and vicinity
  • 16066 ed8 Pitt Pt. and vicinity
  • 16067 ed8 Approaches to Smith Bay
  • 16081 ed8 Scott Pt. to Tangent Pt.
  • 16082 ed8 Pt. Barrow and vicinity
  • 16083 ed7 Skull Cliff and vicinity
  • 16084 ed8 Peard Bay and approaches
  • 16085 ed7 Wainwright Inlet to Atainik
  • 16086 ed8 Nakotlek Pt. to Wainwright
  • 16087 ed8 Icy Cape to Nokotlek Pt.
  • 16088 ed6 Utukok Pass to Blossom Shoals
  • 16101 ed7 Pt. Lay and approaches
  • 16102 ed6 Kuchiak River to Kukpowruk Pass
  • 16103 ed6 Cape Beaufort
  • 16104 ed6 Cape Sabine
  • 16121 ed6 East of Cape Lisburne
  • 16122 ed6 Cape Dyer to Cape Lisburge
  • 16123 ed7 Point Hope to Cape Dyer
  • 16124 ed7 Cape Thompson to Point Hope
  • 16594 ed14 Marmot Bay and Kupreanof Strait;Whale Passage;Ouzinkie Harbor
Today 1026 NOAA raster charts (2168 including sub-charts) are included in the Marine GeoGarage viewer (see PDFs files)

How do you know if you need a new nautical chart?
See the changes in new chart editions.
NOAA chart dates of recent Print on Demand editions

Note : NOAA updates their nautical charts with corrections published in:
  • U.S. Coast Guard Local Notices to Mariners (LNMs),
  • National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency Notices to Mariners (NMs), and
  • Canadian Coast Guard Notices to Mariners (CNMs)
While information provided by this Web site is intended to provide updated nautical charts, it must not be used as a substitute for the United States Coast Guard, National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, or Canadian Coast Guard Notice to Mariner publications

Please visit the
NOAA's chart update service for more info or the online chart catalog

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