Friday, December 6, 2013

Netherlands NLHO update : announcement of the issue date concerning the 1800 series

From 2013 onwards the Netherlands Hydrograpic Officeonly publishes a new edition of an 1800-atlas in the event of significant changes of the chart content.
This means that the eight 1800-serie charts have now different publication dates and regularly remain valid longer than one season, provided that they are weekly updated with the notices to Mariners (Ntm).
The eight 1800-atlases are no longer published at once as one pile.

With this message the Netherlands Hydrograpic Office informs us about the publication date of five 1800-atlases for 2014.
  • 1811 'Wadden Sea west sheet and adjacent North Sea Coast' and 1812 'Wadden Sea East leaf and adjacent North Sea coast' : second quarter 2014.
  • 1803 'Westerschelde and 1810 IJsselmeer, Edge Lakes and North SeaCanal' : third quarter 2014.
  • 1809 'Nieuwe Water route, etc' : fourth quarter 2014.

The other three 1800 serie-atlases remain valid, provided that they are weekly updated with the notices to Mariners. These are the :
  • 1801 NorthSea coast: Edition 2013
  • 1805 Oosterschelde, Veerse Meer: Edition 2012
  • 1807 Zoommeer, Volkerak et c., Edition 2012
In addition to paper 1800-series charts there is an increasingly use of additional electronic chart systems (ECS).
Mostly, these electronic charts are usually based on the 1800 series in which the ECS-producer or
customer makes the choice for the update frequency.
The Netherlands Hydrograpic Office has no supervision over these electronic charts (ECS) and emphasize the importance of a good voyage preparation in which the user becomes aware of the importance of the time stamp (actuality) of the chart and the differences in scale of the two product types.
The notices to Mariners are weekly published per atlas on
In addition, the brochure "BaZ mapped" is available for further practical assistance and interpreting and processing the NTM's.

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