Saturday, April 20, 2013

Polar spirits

POLAR SPIRITS from Ole C. Salomonsen

Most sequences have been shot in arctic northern Norway, close to the city of Tromsø.
One sequence is from Finland and one from Sweden.
The city sequences you see are shot in and over Tromsø, which in Norway often is referred to as “the northern lights city”.

BTW! This year the coast of northern Norway was overwhelmed with humpback whales, which are absolutely magnificent and beautiful creatures.
While watching the auroras and shooting the opening sequence of this video I could hear the whales breaching and blowing air in the fjord.
It was an absolutely magic experience.
Sadly the whales never came close enough to do a really good shot of the whales under the auroras, but If you watch closely on the opening sequence you can actually see the whales breaching a few times a bit out in the fjord.

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