Thursday, November 29, 2012

Vendee Globe : Gough island, first mark to starboard

Gough island
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Back in October the skippers were told there was risk of large icebergs and growlers around the Gough Island waypoint, the first ice gate of the Vendée Globe, west of South Africa.

extract from BA 1769 Islands and Anchorage in the South Atlantic Ocean
Gough island (photo Chantal Steyn)
Gough Island (also known historically as Diego Alvarez) is a volcanic island rising from the South Atlantic Ocean to heights of over 900 m (2950 ft) above sea level with an area of 35 square miles (91 km2).
It is part of the Tristan da Cuhna group. 

photo SANAP / Panoramio

Gough Island is a subantarctic island and UK overseas territory situated in the South Atlantic Ocean.
Gough Island has no sheltered harbour or anchorage.
The only suitable landing place for boats is at Glen Anchorage in Quest Bay on the island's east coast.
SA Agulhas, on a relief expedition, departs from Cape Town to Tristan da Cunha then onwards to Gough Island on an annual relief voyage.
This ship carries cargo and passengers.
There is presently no access for tourists and even crew members from passing yachts may not go ashore except in the case of an extreme emergency (see Operation Gondola, the rescue from Gough Island)

The island possesses an extraordinary wealth of unique biodiversity and has being called the world’s most important seabird island.
Not surprisingly, it has been afforded UNESCO World Heritage Site status.

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