Saturday, May 14, 2011

Swapping the boardroom for the seven seas

Inspiration to leave the corp rat-race & follow your dream; even...

A light-hearted but inspirational memoir about a remarkable couple who left behind the corporate rat-race to follow their dream of sailing around the world - a story that demonstrates the rewards of taking risks to follow one's star.

When Nancy Knudsen and her architect husband Ted Nobbs decide to escape their high-pressure corporate lives and follow a dream of sailing around the world together, little do they guess where their journey will lead them.

In 2003, Nancy Knudsen and her husband Ted decided to leave their stress-filled, time-poor corporate lives to spend three years sailing around the world.
What they thought would be a breeze turned out to be hugely challenging as well as life-transforming.

Nancy and Ted crossed the Indian, Atlantic and Pacific Oceans and visited 42 countries.
During their voyage they faced life-threatening dangers and made lifelong friendships.
And a surprise encounter in Turkey led them to set up home in Istanbul for two wonderful years.

Blackwattle sailing in Bora Bora lagoon

Their adventures are sometimes hilarious, sometimes life-threatening, and lead to the beginning of many life-long friendships.

As well as recounting the comedy of their cockpit disputes and the sheer breathtaking beauty of their five-year adventure, Shooting Stars and Flying Fish has deeper resonances : it shows how the couple's experiences both humble them and irrevocably change their attitudes, ethics and outlook on life, with neither returning to the corporate world on their return to Australia.

This book is a beautifully written, inspirational memoir that shows the rewards of taking a risk to follow one's dreams.

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