Friday, March 19, 2010

A non frozen shrimp inside Antarctica Ice

In digging (
about 200 meters deep) into the ice of West Antarctica (Ross Ice Shelf), to their utter surprise, NASA scientists found a shrimp-like creature (Lyssianasid amphipod) and also discovered a tentacle of jellyfish, in this polar desert.
NASA scientists were using a borehole camera to look back up towards the ice surface when they spotted this pinkish-orange creature swimming beneath the ice.

And they believe the probability that these two animals swim into the hole of six inches in diameter, about 20 kilometers away from open water, is 'almost zero'.
If higher-forms of life are able to survive underneath the hostile environment of Antarctic ice, the discovery by the NASA team furthers the debate as to how easily it will be to find extraterrestrial creates in the solar system.

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