Sunday, August 28, 2022

The floating devices turn waves into electricity

Developed by Australian startup company Wave Swell Energy, the UniWave200 converts wave energy into zero-emissions electricity.
The UniWave200 has launched at King Island, Tasmania and essentially acts as a floating power plant.
The device uses an oscillating water column (OWC), which is a sort of man-made blowhole.
As waves pass over it, the OWC rises and falls pushing air towards a turbine at the top, which in turn generates electricity.
The UniWave200 can be towed into any coastal area and connect to its local power supply.
This technology could be particularly useful for more low-lying nations who are more prone to issues pertaining to sea level rise and severe storm surge events.

Developed by Sea Wave Energy Limited (SWEL), the ‘Waveline Magnet’ is a low cost, climate-friendly alternative to non-renewable power sources.
The spine-shaped floating device converts wave power into electricity.
While the device is still in its early stages, a prototype was taken to Larnaca Bay in Cyprus for open-sea trials in November 2021.
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