Saturday, November 13, 2021

Bretagne : with the rythm of lights

During this trip we can recognize for example :
- the beginning: Kerlouan-Brignogan and the small lighthouse of Pontusval.
- 00:22 : the entrance of the bridge of Ploumanac'h and the lighthouse of Mean Ruz.
- 00:32 : The mole of Noires, in Saint-Malo.
- 00:39, the cove of Coz Porz / Ker ar Vir in Trégastel, with in the background the island of Renote, the bay of Sainte-Anne and the castle of Costaérès.
- 00:48: the famous Pointe de Saint-Hernot in Crozon, north of the Bay of Douarnenez.
The beach of the Pointe de Saint-Hernot, in Crozon, on a day with good weather.
The beach the tip of Saint-Hernot, in Crozon, on a day with good weather
- 1:00: the tip of Saint-Mathieu.
- 1:07: the old Perdrix lighthouse, in front of the Ile-Tudy, the entrance of the river of Pont-l'Abbé.
- 1:13 : again the Mean Ruz lighthouse, in Ploumanac'h, with a nice sunrise. Opposite, the Seven Islands.
- 1:18 : the fabulous foreshore of Lilia, just north of Aber Wrac'h, with the Virgin Island and its very high lighthouse in the background.
- 1:36 : hemmed in by sand, the point and the Petit Minou lighthouse, the exit of the Brest Narrows, on the north side.
- 1:45 : the Pointe du Raz, it is no longer presented. You can see the island of Sein in the background on the left.
- 1:52 : again the charming village of Ile-Tudy, with very nice reflections of the pink houses in the water of the river.
- 2:13, the famous Rohan bridge, in Landerneau.
- 2:19, the entrance of the harbor of Le Conquet, with, on the left side, the point and the peninsula of Kermorvan - and their lighthouse.
- 2:47: Ploumanac'h again.
- 2:54, the Trémazan hold (Beg ar Galéti point), the entrance of the Portsall harbor, where waters are often so transparent thwhen arriving there by boat, one has the exalting impression of floating as if in weightlessness. The oil spill of the Amoco Cadiz is now far away, fortunately! A stopover not to be missed.

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