Sunday, January 10, 2021

Descent : disturb the comfort & comfort the disturbed

Thrilling, punishing, and beyond treacherous; freediving in freezing water is not for the faint of heart, but for Kiki Bosch, it was a life saver.
Kiki dives into the world’s coldest waters on one breath, without a wetsuit.
She’s plunged into Finland’s frozen lakes and under Greenland’s icebergs.
Her initiation into this sport began as a search for healing, following the debilitating trauma of a sexual assault.
Having undergone a traumatic event which led to perpetual panic attacks and nightmares, she found solace in cold water. 
After discovering the immense release from ice freediving, Kiki has travelled far and wide, not only to push her physical and psychological limits, but also to inspire others to harness the power of the cold.
Wim Hof Method Instructor & Ice Freediver who utilises the therapeutic potential of cold water immersion to overcome trauma, reset the mind & harmonise with the body.
Kiki Bosch is a freediver, nutritionist, biohacker and daredevil from the Netherlands.
From extreme cold she drew the mental fortitude required to overcome torturous mind manifestations and the life yoke of trauma.
Kiki’s main philosophy is summarised in the phrase: “Disturb the comfort and comfort the disturbed.” She believes that we should aim to uproot the comfort of everyday life in order to stretch our belief systems and expand our notion of what is possible.
Whilst simultaneously having the ability to seek comfort when we are feeling down, and to support those around us who are in need of it as it is part of our obligation to our community and ourselves to find a balance between both of these forces. 

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