Saturday, September 26, 2020

Submarine sound quizz

Hold your breath, listen and guess who is making those sounds recorded on board submarines!
With the contribution of the French Navy's Acoustic Interpretation and Reconnaissance Centre.

 Whales / Shrimps / Tonerre / Oil tanker / Sperm whale / Offshore platform / Trawl / Dolphins/ Iceberg

To explore the underwater world, you have to use sound because water is practically opaque to light. The propagation and reflection of sound allows the creation of "acoustic images" and the description of the underwater world.
To do this, sounders or sonars are used.

Applications of underwater acoustics:
  • Mapping the seabed and identifying its nature;
  • Underwater detection (military applications: detection and classification of submarines, mines and surface ships, port surveillance);
  • Monitoring and study of the impact of human noise on biodiversity;
  • Surveillance of structures (renewable marine energies, port infrastructures);
  • The study of water mass movements (oceanography)

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