Sunday, April 26, 2020

Sea gypsies : The far side of the world

full movie courtesy of V&V

This is a story of escaping modern civilization and living life as a Sea Gypsy, itinerant explorers and wanderers of the wild oceans.
One year of exploring some of the last great wild lands, the remote islands of the South Pacific, the icy fingers of Antarctica and the isolated fjords of Patagonia.
Our mode of transport and home is Infinity, a 120ft sailing Katch made of reinforced ferro cement, tough stuff.
Think of a bunker, that due to the miracle of water displacement, floats.
She is the home of Capt. Clemens Gabriel, his girlfriend Sage and their two daughters Rhianne (born in Fiji) and Chloe (born in Thailand), Infinity Expedition is also the home away from home for an ever-changing cast of characters, the sea tribe.
The tribe is a patchwork of eccentric peoples from around the globe, a community formed through shared experience. Infinity is a magnet for restless searchers.
Drawn primarily by word of mouth, they represent all ages and nationalities and bring with them a variety of life experience: from professional sailors to gap year college kids, itinerant wanderers to NASA rocket scientists. Some join at one island and leave at the next, some stay for years.
This is not a cruise though, there are no guests, only crew and everyone works… except the babies.
Filmed on magic lantern RAW hack, pirate software for a pirate boat.

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