Monday, October 15, 2012

World record deepest dive on open circuit

Felix Baumgartner supersonic freefall from 128k feet - Mission Highlights

Following the Felix Baumgartner's jump from space's edge, what about ultra-deep sea diving ?
Actually, there are more people who have walked on the surface of the Moon than people who have dived below a depth of 800 feet.
Since the 1960s, scientists, industries and divers have worked hand in hand to explore man’s ability to reach extreme depths. In this quest for the unknown, the risks are huge: high-pressure nervous syndrome and narcosis can often lead to death.
As men try to go where no one else has gone, not everyone survives. 

Nuno Gomes is the current (2008) Deepest dive world record holder, that dive was documented on video
(watch "Beyond Blue" documentary) and here are the extracts from the film (u/w)
South African engineer Nuno Gomes chose the abyss as scenario for his challenge to the nature.
In 2003 he descended the Red Sea off Egypt coast reaching a record depth of of 1,044 feet (318.25 m).
The plunge lasted 14 minutes but it took him other 12 hours to complete the decompression and re-emerge from the waters.

Trimix (Beyond Blue animation)

This is a VDO footage of the movie that will be released in December 2011 about the deepest dive on open circuit done
by Pascal Bernabe - 330 meters that he did on the 5th of June 2005 near Propriano in Corsica.

Pascal Bernabé is a French SCUBA diver who lays claim to the world best for depth on a deep dive using self-contained breathing apparatus.
Bernabé used trimix to dive to 330 meters (1,083 ft) 5 June 2005 near Propriano, Corsica.
This is actually deeper than the official deepest scuba dive recognized by Guinness World Records. That mark, set by Nuno Gomes in Dahab, Egypt, is 318.25 meters of sea water.
Nuno's mark is not as deep as Bernabé's claimed deepest dive, which was not included in the Guinness Book of World Records due to insufficient evidence of such a dive ever being performed.

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