Sunday, December 27, 2020

Crossing the North Sea wintertime

25th of January 2020 I set out again for another North Sea crossing to get to Shetland and the impressive Up Helly Aa vikingfestival.
With 4 degrees celsius, gale winds on the nose, and 4-6 meter waves it is all set for a real battle agains the elements. Toughest North Sea crossing so far! :)
This is my 4th video I make of crossing the North Sea.
Time has come for broadening my adventures, so next long distance video will be to Greenland, starting July 2020. 
Cant wait to get some new untouched oceans, landscapes and experiences attached to my camera lenses.
Dont miss out!
We are not here to be comfortable and safe, it will bring you nowhere.
We are here to fight to get stronger, and to be ready for the next battle! 
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