Saturday, November 16, 2019

Basque Country and the sea

This promotional film (fiction) highlights the men and women who make fishing a unique profession every day.
A passionate profession, respectful of its environment and its resources, told here through a beautiful story of family, transmission, know-how that also rhymes with another passion, that of surfing.
This short film features a heroine, both surfer and fisherman, worthy representative of the new generations of fishermen.
Entrepreneurs who are first and foremost lovers of the sea and well aware of their responsibilities, young people and women who always want to go further in reinventing a new fishery, more respectful of the ocean and of us all.
Heroin has been young and fascinated by the sea since she was a child.
She likes to think that by taking over from her father at the head of the family fishing company, she will do even more for the sea, for the next generations, because "the future of the land is also at stake at sea".
with Lee-Ann Curren, filmed in the Basque Country
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Vizcaya construction of a three-mast mast for the Basque Country 
The association "Trois-m√Ęts basque" wishes to rebuild a tall ship, "Bizkaia", to highlight the Basque maritime heritage and allow as many people as possible to sail on these witnesses of the past.
The four phases of the overall project are:
1) The reconstruction of Alba, a sardine boat emblematic of the port of Saint-Jean-de-Luz - Ciboure, which will take visitors to Socoa.
2) The reconstruction of Bizkaia, a tall ship "three-masted goelette" which will be the subject of a showy project as was the hermione in Rochefort or is still the San Juan in Pasajes.
3) The creation of a scenario-based space designed to highlight the Basque maritime heritage. History of seafarers' families, holograms, and participation of local associations.
4) Sailing for the greatest number of people at Alba (in the bay) and Bizkaia: day trips, training courses in manoeuvring, trips....

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