Friday, January 4, 2019

Jean-Jacques Savin: a man, a barrel and a bottle of wine

A 71-year-old Frenchman has set off on a journey across the Atlantic in an orange barrel, and will use ocean currents alone to propel him.

From SailUniverse

We all love to plan a journey, and the adventures of a lifetime are no different.
Conquering Mount Everest or Hiking the Appalachian Trail, whatever your journey, it takes a well thought out plan, proper equipment, secure funding and lots of determination and intelligence.

Taking a journey in a barrel, however, is not something most of us would think when we plan a journey.
From the courageous dare devils who scaled the side of Niagara Falls to plunge into its watery depths, either perishing or surviving.
Today we have a modern-day sportsman who is a former seasoned para trooper and park ranger named Jean-Jacques Savin doing what might be considered the unthinkable.

Jean-Jacques Savin a Frenchman has begun a journey across the Atlantic Ocean this week, departing from Spain.
Uncertain of where he will land, he packed accordingly with Foie Gras and wine in his under 75 square foot barrel made of plywood that is orange and coated with resin.
Previously he has journeyed across the Atlantic by sailboat, so he is prepared with a barrel complete with sleeping and cooking quarters and a window with a view.

His barrel will protect him from the possibility of being attacked by Orca Whales if they should be near.
His vessel has solar power panels that provide energy for GPS tracking and communications for him.
He will be celebrating his birthday while in the vessel during the month of January and plans to celebrate with a fine bottle of wine, and possibly a lovely ocean view.

This smart sportsman is assisting the international marine observatory by dropping markers to help them research ocean currents.
He has taken his journey to travel across the Atlantic through only the assistance of the sea and hope to land on a French Island in the Caribbean some 3000 nautical miles away from where he began.
He is estimating that he will land sometime in March of 2019.

Most of his funding came from Sponsorships and Crowdfunding.
He will be tracking and posting his progress on Facebook for those who are wishing to follow his journey’s progress across the Atlantic and see where he might end up.
He posted 2 days ago that “The weather is great. And the vessel is “Behaving Well” which is very encouraging for us all who want to see him succeed on his journey.

Where ever his journey may take him, we are certain it will be memorable for us all.
So, lets wish him a bon voyage and keep track of his progress and check in periodically.
Even though we are not actually on the journey ourselves we can still share in his trials and triumphs with each bob he takes in the sea.

With a favorite quote of Aide Toi Le Ciel T Aidera, Help Yourself and Heaven Will Help You, we can see that he is a man of great faith and strength.

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