Tuesday, February 7, 2017

"Striking" new images show impact of Kaikoura earthquake on the sea floor

 A 3D generated image showing the newly-raised sea floor, pictured here between the faultline furthest to right and the one in the centre.

 From Stuff by Philip McSweeney

New maps created with 3-D technology show the effect of the Kaikoura earthquake on the sea floor, demonstrating that the monumental damage of the earthquake wasn't localised to land.
Cracked roads, displaced land and ruptured landmarks have been a fixture in Kaikoura after the quake, but the seabed wasn't immune to the seismological disruptions.

The maps, produced by Land Information New Zealand (LINZ), reveal an uplift in the seabed that wasn't there previously, according to LINZ spokesman John Summers.

The uplift shown from another angle.

An uplifted area has formed between two fault-lines also caused by the earthquake.
The area between two lines in the top left hand corner of the maps represent newly-uplifed sea floor, he said.

The uplift shown in a vertical shot captured using 3D technology.

"Everyone's heard about what's happened to the land, but this shows [the quake] has had a substantial impact on the sea floor too."
Graeme Blick, Chief Geodesist for LINZ, said the information will ensure the safety of mariners.
He described the images as "striking".

Mariners in the area had been warned about potential uncharted hazards, which the maps help localise.
"We're using this to understand what happened in the area to see if we have to update maritime charts," Summers said.

 Kaikoura peninsula with the GeoGarage platform

The land surrounding Kaikoura was also altered by the earthquake.

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