Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Planning information on a single chart to help simplify port entry and exit

The UKHO's Port Approach Guides are port-scale charts that contain a wide range of planning and support information for some of the world's busiest ports.
By allowing bridge crews to view this information in one place, each guide can help to simplify a number of passage planning tasks; making port entry and exit quicker and easier.


Port Approach Guides offer:
  • Information from a range of official ADMIRALTY charts and publications on one chart, helping bridge crews to plan for particular approaches and to support Master Pilot Exchange
  • Quick Response (QR) codes, providing easy access to current warnings and notices for specific port areas. 
  • Expanding coverage of some of the world's most complex approaches, including Antwerp, Rotterdam and the Panama Canal.
Extra information to aid planning
Each chart contains planning information such as contact details and harbour regulations, Vessel Traffic Service (VTS) information, principal lights and landmarks, specific warnings, tide and climate information, anchorages and prohibited areas, dangerous cargo, pilotage, berth information and port services.
By allowing you to view this information in one place, each guide can help to simplify a number of passage planning tasks.

Quick reference
ICS flags are used to link text panels to chart features, helping you to identify warnings and notices for specific ports and improve situational awareness.
QR codes also provide quick access to important information such as port authority websites, as well as online supporting applications such as ADMIRALTY EasyTide and Notice to Mariners WebSearch.

Familiarity and up-to-date information
All charts display widely used and instantly recognisable features and chart symbols, giving you clarity and reassurance during times of peak workload and pressure.
Any changes to port areas are also highlighted by regular updates via ADMIRALTY Preliminary Notice to Mariners (PNMs).
These PNMs, as well as 7 day tidal forecasts, can be accessed using QR Codes on each chart and are also available within our weekly paper NM bulletin.

Find out which Port Approach Guides are available by downloading our release schedule here.

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