Sunday, September 22, 2013

9 unreal photos of body surfers at Teahupoo

From HuffingtonPost

Body surfing is arguably the purest form of wave riding.
The oft-neglected predecessor to surfing was the sport of dolphins ages before any attempt by man.
A few dedicated bipeds, equipped with nothing more than a pair of fins, have mastered the art, and Keith Malloy’s film, "Come Hell or High Water," pays tribute to some of the best body surfers and body surfing breaks in the world.
Photographer Chris Burkard captured these unbelievable shots while helping Malloy film at Teahupoo in Tahiti.
The Plight of the Torpedo People (Woodshed Films/T. Adler Books), a compilation of photographs and stills from the film, was published this year.
You’ve never seen man and water meet like this.

kalima burkard torpedo

kalima under burkard torpedo

cunningham under burkard torpedo

cunningham shootout burkard torpedo

malloy burkard torpedo

homcy burkard torpedo

kalima skin burkard torpedo

cunningham curl burkard torpedo 

group burkard torpedo 

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