Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Russian ENC (Northern part)

 Info from Primar, RENC distributor (04.10.2023) :

"Due to circumstances outside of PRIMAR control, PRIMAR is forced to stop sales of Russian (Northern Area) ENCs with immediate effect.
Until further notice, new Russian (Northern Area) ENCs and updates will no longer be delivered to PRIMAR."

Primar catalog 27/09/2023

Primar catalog 04.10.2023
479 ENC from Head Department of Navigation and Oceanography
Russian Federation Navy (GUNIO) have disappeared in Primar catalogue

UMPORTANT : update (05/10/2023)

Regarding the stopping of sales of Russian (Northern Area) ENCs.
PRIMAR is pleased to inform that the sale and delivery of updates will resume as normal, effective immediately Oct. 5th, 2023..


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