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Playa del Amor, hidden beach in Mexico

There are many unexplored locations in the world which when discovered become exotic tourist spots. Visitors enjoy these locations much more than the famous ones as they give them an increased level of privacy and a totally new experience.

One such covert beach is the Playa del Amor of Mexico.
The Playa del Amor is known as the “Hidden Beach” and it is situated on the Marieta Islands in Mexico.
Recently a video of the unique beach has gone viral on social media.
In a video shared on Twitter a drone shot of the island from far above can be seen.
While the edges are mostly elevated, a cavity in between with a small beach can be seen with a few people enjoying the beautiful blue waters.
Localization with the GeoGarage platform (SEMAR nautical raster chart)

To reach the Hidden Beach of Marieta Islands, you’ll have to hop on a boat and travel an hour northwest from Puerto Vallarta’s coast.
While one may think that Playa del Amor is quite difficult to find, it has in fact become really popular among the foreign tourists and the locals can get you there easily.
As soon as you reach the mouth of Banderas Bay at the base of the island, look for a sandy cavern with blue waves and white sand.
That is exactly your destination.

The history of the Marieta Islands is quite interesting.
They were military testing sites assigned by the Mexican government in the early 1900s.
It’s believed that the craters created by the explosion of bombs have given rise to such caverns.

The Marieta Islands was officially designated as a national park in 2005, Parque Nacional Islas Marietas, which prevented further military testing due to the harm caused to the marine life.
This is how Playa del Amor and several other spots on the islands became safely accessible to tourists and such hidden gems were discovered.

The best time to visit the Hidden Beach is from November to May.
The weather is pleasant and people can enjoy their visit by indulging in activities such as water sports and whale watching. 
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