Tuesday, September 28, 2021

France & misc. (SHOM) layer update in the GeoGarage platform

126 nautical raster charts updated
Main information :
As the needs of the Shom's civilian and military clients evolve and ENCs (electronic navigational charts) become more widespread, the Shom has decided to rationalise its portfolio of charts in foreign waters, mainly reproduced in facsimile (foreign charts reproduced in the French portfolio).
As a reminder, the Shom's cartographic offer in paper charts can be broken down as follows
  • French maps, produced by the Shom (including foreign maps reproduced in facsimiles);
  • maps from the supplementary portfolio, mostly of British origin, intended exclusively for the French Navy;
  • foreign charts, not included in the supplementary portfolio, intended exclusively for the French Navy.
  • from September to December 2021, the Shom will carry out a major evolution of its portfolio as follows
  • the deletion of 194 French nautical charts (mainly facsimiles) ;
  • the introduction of 180 charts to the complementary portfolio.
During the implementation of the rationalisation, information on the planned evolution of the portfolio will be disseminated:
- At the end of each month, a special notice will be published in the Notice to Mariners Group (NtM) indicating the changes planned for the following month for information purposes: this special notice does not change the portfolio;
- deletions and introductions will be announced to the GAN once they are effective;
- this document, presenting the forecasts, is available on diffusion.shom.fr.

SHOM changes for september 2021
in red, 18 charts withdrawn from the GeoGarage SHOM layer (NtM 2137)

SHOM changes for october 2021

SHOM changes for november 2021

SHOM changes for december 2021

So in september 2021 (compatible with NtM2137), 18 charts have been withdrawn in the GeoGarage SHOM update layer : mainly international UK (see examples below)
The GB original charts are included in the British Isles & misc. (UKHO) GeoGarage layer.
Coverage of South England in the previous update
New coverage of South England in the current update
Coverage of South England with the British Isles & misc. (UKHO) layer

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