Saturday, August 29, 2020

Unu Mondo expeditions : In the wake of Northabout - "A Long Road to the Arctic".

Discover with us the rapid changes affecting the Arctic.
A few shots of our North Atlantic crossing.
Unu Mondo expedition is a 5-month sailing expedition to the Arctic to understand and anticipate the impacts of global warming and provide concrete solutions.

The Unu Mondo expedition is on its way to Greenland.
Before departure, Tobias Carter, captain of the Expedition and Sophie Simonin, Expedition Director  have prepared a video to show you the aluminum sailboat "Northabout", which is specially built for the Arctic.

We’ve been busy with preparations since February, flashback on these last eventful weeks!
With just a few days to go, our team is more than motivated to set sail for Greenland... 

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