Saturday, June 20, 2020

Breathing the ocean

Take a deep breath.
In "Breathing the Ocean", a short film in which she raises her voice, Julie Gautier raises the question of the essential role of phytoplankton in the planetary ecosystem.
After "Into The Depths", a film that raises awareness of the pollution of the aquatic ecosystem, the Biotherm skincare brand wanted to put the spotlight on the importance of plant plankton by featuring the famous film director, freediver and dancer from Reunion Island.
Forests play an essential role in the well-being of the planet, but it is the phytoplankton that are considered a true blue lung.

In fact, more than half of the oxygen produced on Earth comes from these plant organisms living in suspension in the water.
And if it is too small to be seen with the naked eye, large, colourful expanses of phytoplankton can be seen on the surface of the water when they congregate in sufficient numbers and emit light.
A phenomenon that testifies to the immensity of the subject, as Julie Gautier reminds us:
"So small you can't see it, so big you can't imagine it."
"It's simply because of them that we can breathe."
 And if the directors wanted to raise awareness about the beauty and importance of the links between climate and plant plankton, it is because they are in danger.
Threatened by plastic pollution of the oceans, climate change and environmental upheavals, the quantity of phytoplankton is decreasing by 1% every year and 40% have even disappeared since 1950.
Then yes, art can be engaged.

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