Sunday, December 16, 2018

Sailing school (1956)

Newton Ferrers, Devon. 
The Newton Ferrers School of Yachting is run by Lt. Commander Rab Moore and his partner Dennis Montgomery.
It is the only school where students learn to sail on dry land first.
The students are seen gathered around the model of a yacht and Rab Moore points to various parts of the boat.
M/S of the land trainer as two women students get in and learn to sail without the hazards of the water.
They jump from one side to the other with the instructor watching.
Beautiful setting at Newton Ferrers on River Yealm as sailing boat sets out from harbour.
Man and woman take small dinghy out.
Then students are on board a large yacht being shown how to tie knots. On board the 30 foot Gaff Cutter "Ravenswing" the students learn how to put sails up correctly.
M/S "Ravenswing" sails along the River Yealm. 

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