Saturday, November 17, 2018

Weightless jellies

Jellies have two kinds of skin tissues: an outer exchange layer and an inner "stomach skin".
The frilly parts in the center are called oral arms—projections of the stomach made of gastrodermis that digest food at a distance

Pacific Sea Nettles blissfully at home in the Georgia Aquarium, Atlanta, Georgia.
I was struck by their beauty. Like little spaceships floating in the depths of space.
Graceful, elegant, constantly moving, drifting.
As I filmed, I listened to the crowd as they came and went.
Everyone with children told their child: "Look! They will sting you!"
Not one person in the crowd in the hour that I was there filming commented on the Sea Nettle's beauty. Not one. What does this say about us?

Oh, comb on now! We have two species of comb jelly sharing their exhibit at the moment—the lobed comb jelly Bolinopsis infundibulum and the sea gooseberry Pleurobrachia bachei. That there's a well-coiffed duo!

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