Friday, June 17, 2016

Diving live in the Endeavour MPA in Canada

Join our expedition! Live dive to the ocean depths and engage with scientists in realtime.
It's your turn to experience the mystery, power, and beauty of the ocean. 

From Ocean Network Canada

Dive alert!

We are now starting a long ‪#‎livedive‬ down to Endeavour, Canada's first Marine Protected Area.
It will take 2-3 hours to reach the hydrothermal vents on the ocean floor, depth 2200m.

The main purpose is to lay a cable from Mothra to RC-South (in yellow on map above).
This will bring online the RC South Junction Box, a BPR and 2 moorings.
Following a post-lay inspection, we will then install instrumentation at Mothra: a hydrophone, seismometer, BPR and BARS.

 see LIVE :
This is the main camera from the Jason ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicle)
The R/V Sikuliaq is a 80 metre ice-capable oceanographic research vessel, equipped with the Woods Hole Oceanographic’s robotic vehicle Jason that can dive to 6500 metres.
It hosts a team of 24 scientists and a ships crew of 22. 

 Endeavour and Neptune observatory on the GeoGarage platform (CHS chart)

The Endeavour area of the Juan de Fuca Ridge is a seismically active area of seafloor formation and hydrothermal venting.
The Endeavour Hydrothermal Vent area is located 250 km offshore from Vancouver Island, 2250 meters below the ocean’s surface.
The map shows the locations of the five main hydrothermal vent fields and smaller sites of flow.

In the darkness of special places like the Endeavour Hydrothermal Vents,
ocean research is bringing to light deep secrets about life on earth and potentially
elsewhere in our universe.
“Black Smokers” and hydrothermal vents Create an ecologically-rich oasis in the deep

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