Sunday, July 12, 2015

Trailer : The finest hours

Disney has released the trailer for a new movie based on the true story of heroic US Coast Guard rescue of 32 mariners aboard the SS Pendleton.

In the winter of 1952, a four-man crew from the USCG braved 60-foot waves and 70-knot winds to save men trapped in stern section of the oil tanker after one of the worst Nor’Easter gales on record tore the vessel in two.
Using only a 36-foot wooden motorized boat the men carried out one of the most daring rescue missions in Coast Guard history.

"Coast Guard photo of bow section of tanker PENDLETON grounded near Pollock Rib Liteship, six miles off Chatham, Mass on the morning of Feb. 19, 1952."
Official USCG Photo;  by Richard C. Kelsey, Chatham, Mass.

The incident occurred on February 18 while the tanker was underway off of Cape Cod.
In the early morning hours fierce snow fall and hues waves snapped the vessel in two.
The captain and seven crewmen sank in the bow section of the ship.
Reports after the accident said the tanker had been constructed with “dirty steel”, which was not able to withstand gales force winds.

The Finest Hours recounts this amazing story from the perspectives of the US Coast Guard men that carrying out the operation as well as the desperate mariners stranded aboard the mangled tanker.  

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