Monday, November 21, 2011

NZ Linz update in the Marine GeoGarage

NZ5227 Goat Island to Waiwera River

charts have been updated in the Marine GeoGarage
(Linz September update published 13 October, 2011) :

  • NZ21 Norfolk Island to Cape Egmont
  • NZ23 New Zealand, North Island
  • NZ43 Manukau Harbour to Cape Egmont
  • NZ533 Firth of Thames
  • NZ5227 Goat Island to Waiwera River
Today NZ Linz charts (178 charts / 340 including sub-charts) are displayed in the Marine GeoGarage.

Note : LINZ produces official nautical charts to aid safe navigation in New Zealand waters and certain areas of Antarctica and the South-West Pacific.
Using charts safely involves keeping them up-to-date using Notices to Mariners

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