Thursday, May 13, 2010

SeaOrbiter, the sentinel of the ocean

SeaOrbiter is a unique vessel in the world, developing a new concept for man’s underwater observation, continuously twenty-four hours a day. It will permit a better understanding of marine phenomena and a new inventory of ocean wealth for the preservation of its resources, as well as those of our planet. It is at once a revolutionary and indispensable human adventure for future generations.

It is also a true platform of communication, within educational reach, the motor of a new adventure proposed to men around the Mediterranean, Europe and the world to fully understand the ocean and its ecosystems, to respect and to live in harmony with them.

SeaOrbiter is today accompanied by a large committee of internationally renowned experts coming from multiple domains of state-of-the-art competence, as well as by numerous manufacturers linked to maritime technologies throughout the world.

This project, of great symbolic weight, created by architect Jacques Rougerie, is above all a “gift to the generations to come”.
By combining the latest technology and the taste for adventure, we propose to them a maritime adventure unique since Cousteau. To promote a new message of hope for humanity.

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